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Patreon Model Release
& ID upload

Welcome Patreon Model Boudie Queen!

Thank you for wanting to be apart of the Sensual Sanctuary Patreon Site.

Here you will find the model release legal document that gives permission for myself to use your images in photos/videos for commercial use. Next, you will NEED to be able to upload an ID. This refers to the process of submitting identification documents such as a driver's license or passport, to verify one's identity on the Patreon website. This is done for security and authentication purposes (such as legal age) required by Patreon.

Please read below the terms and use before filling out the contract and model release form.

Participant's consent to participate in 18+ content on Patreon.

To comply with Mastercard's AN-5196 Revised Standards for Adult Content Merchants.

Participant is providing their informed consent to the following provisions;

I attest I am a participant in 18+ content for

I am the age of majority in the country where I reside

I have provided a valid government-issued identity card to the creator or content uploader, and the creator or content uploader has verified my age by viewing the following ID in the form provided below.

I consent to my image being uploaded to, published on, and downloaded from, by the creator/content uploader whose name is below, and/or by viewers of my content.

Upon signing this document, I provide my explicit consent to use my images on

I also agree to the content creator storing my concept for 3 years, and producing my consent to a third party under contract, as required by law, or pursuant to network rules.

Sessions dates/times will be sent by email or VIP Group, or you may be contacted by text or email after your application is filled out. 

Sessions will be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour with extra time for client wardrobe. You are responsible for Hair and Makeup unless you can contact Emily ahead of time and she will schedule a Hair and Makeup Artist to come (this will cost extra). Sessions may be held in studio or different locations. After your session, Emily will select the photos chosen for Patreon and deliver them to the model via online gallery 1-3 weeks post session date. Amount of photos depends on the session time. Emily will have a rough idea of how many images after each session.

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