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Boudoir Collection Investments

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Session Fee : $499

What does the session fee include?


Hair & Makeup


Angel Wings/Bondage/and More

Client Wardrobe

(Over 250 Pieces)


Same Day Reveal

1.5 Hour Shoot 

30 Min Styling Session

Please note, the session fee does not include any digitals or luxury albums. Those are purchased separately in collection or ale cart options in my full investment guide, which can be tamed by booking a phone call consultation. Collections start at $1800, and ale carts start at $400. Most clients are prepared to invest an average of $3200 in total for the experience and their products. Pre-payment plans are available for those ideally looking to  book 6 to 8 months in advance. Afterpay is also available as our only post session payment plan. 

To learn more about these collections and what's included, please book a free 20 minute phone call consultation. We go over all your questions and our booking availability.


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