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Lott of Love BoudoirKingston, OntarioLuxury Boudoir & Multi award winning Photographer

"To love ones self, is the beginning of a life long romance"

More then just a photoshoot,

   Booking a boudoir session can be a personal and empowering experience, at Lott of Love, we break the cookie cutter standards of beauty and body sizes and celebrate every bit of you! 


     We want women to embrace their body, boost their self-confidence, and fall in love their own unique beauty, but its more then just a photoshoot, it can serve as a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to explore their sensuality and capture intimate moments in a tasteful and artistic way.


 Lastly, it can also be a special gift for a partner or a way to commemorate a milestone or personal achievement. Ultimately, why you want to book a boudoir session can vary from person to person, but it often serves as a way to embrace and celebrate one's own body and individuality, it is truly amazing to see yourself in a new light.


Real Women, Real Reviews


Emily is a fantastic photographer and works with you at every part of the process! She made me feel comfortable, empowered and the photos are breathtaking. Can’t wait to book again!


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Our private VIP group loves to share posts that promote body positivity, self-esteem, and positive affirmations as well as games and entertainment! Our group consists of almost 3000 amazing women from all over the world, not just Ontario, Canada who support and uplift each other. I also provide glimpses into our sessions through photos and behind-the-scenes footage, showcasing our beautiful products. It's a safe and inclusive space where women can freely express themselves. As a bonus, we have monthly giveaways for active participants! We invite you to join us on Facebook at Lott of Love Boudoir VIP.


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